General Trip Information

Trip Leader Responsibilities

The Trip Leader has responsibility for the safe running of the trip and it is the Trip Leader’s responsibility to counsel prospective participants regarding their competency and the trip standard, both before and during the trip.

The Trip Leader has at all times, the absolute discretion to make the final judgment to determine the suitability of vehicles or equipment proposed to be used. Furthermore, the Trip Leader has the discretion to accept or reject any person’s participation. This specifically includes drivers and passengers, whether before or after the commencement of the trip. This should be done in accordance with the relevant  Association/club bylaws.

Trip Participants

All participants on a trip are responsible for their own vehicles and the actions that they take. Adequate pre-trip preparation should be undertaken and as a minimum, participants should :

Register for the trip with the Club Trip Coordinator or Trip Leader. Some trips may have strict limits on convoy numbers. Temporary members and visitors need to complete and sign the Temporary Member / Visitor – Trip Participant Form and hand over to the Trip Leader

Submit the completed and signed Personal Details Form(s) to the Trip Leader

Maintain their vehicle in a roadworthy condition and tyres must have suitable tread for the conditions anticipated. For longer range trips it is advisable to have a pre-trip vehicle inspection carried out by a reputable 4WD specialist

Ensure that their vehicle has front and rear recovery points fitted and If not fitted as standard, they need to be installed by a competent fitter and must be safe for use in a recovery situation.

Ensure that if their vehicle has certain special features they have sufficient knowledge and carry appropriate spare parts to enable repairs to be undertaken if/when needed.

Provide adequate personal supplies of fuel, food, water and clothing for the trip, relevant vehicle and equipment spares or as otherwise advised by the Trip Leader

Obey the instructions of the Trip Leader at all times

Not leave the trip without the Trip Leader’s knowledge and agreement.