People interested in joining the Club must attend a minimum of 2 meetings and 2 trips prior to being nominated and seconded by two financial members of the club. The Committee will consider the application and will notify the applicant of their decision.

A person is deemed to be a member after payment of their membership fee.

Members joining after 31 December will only pay 1/2 the annual membership fee

There are two types of membership; family and single. Family membership is defined as 2 adults with children 17yrs and under.

A person wishing to become a member who is under 18, requires their Guardian’s approval and signature on the membership application form.

Members are bound by the Rules, Codes and Constitution of the Club.

Membership may be withdrawn from any member by the Committee if in the opinion of the Committee the member has: acted in a manner contrary to the objectives of the Club, contra-vened the Club’s rules or constitution, acted contrary to the Club’s Code of Ethics or for mis-conduct.

Annual membership renewal fees are due and payable by 30 June each year.

Current fees: Membership fees per annum : Family $70 Single $60 – plus the cost of a member t-shirt sourced from Westate Embroidery (at the members expense).